Trend Alert: Kate Spade Wearable Phrases

31 Aug

Kate Spade is so hot right now! So hot in fact, the brand has expanded into home goods, activewear and even partnering with Magnolia cupcakes. The brand is traditionally known for more ladylike handbags that are structured and well made at a price point that is attainable to the masses.

But they are kicking it up a notch and down-aging by adding fun phrases to handbag, accessories, and home goods. I’m really loving this! It’s a fun way to add some personality to your outfit.

Eat Cake for Breakfast KS


What do you think about this trend?


The Power of a Compliment

5 Aug

Have you ever had that moment where you see someone walking down the street or sit next to you and noticed something they were wearing that looked great on them? Did you then give them a compliment?

As outgoing as I can be, I verbalize only a small fraction of the compliments that I have in my head. I’m never sure if it will be taken well or appear as a weird stranger approaching them.  Recently, I was grabbing a bottle of wine around the corner from my apartment and noticed the woman in front of me wearing a bright shade of hot pink with patterned black and white shorts. The color was stunning on her and complimented her skin tone so well. I’m too pale to wear that color and was a tad jealous. As she turned around looking for her partner, I took my chance to give her the compliment she deserved since she was looking in my direction, mentioning how beautiful the color looked on her.

She immediately began to glow saying she doesn’t wear the color often and it was the nicest thing she’s heard all day. She couldn’t stop smiling and it was obvious her confidence had been boosted in that moment. As innocent as my intentions were, it meant so much to her just to hear what I hoped she had already known having picked out that shirt to wear.

After she left, I gave this some thought. I realized I don’t compliment people as often as I should. No matter how confident you are, it’s nice to get affirmation that someone has taken notice of you. It’s lovely to hear and makes you feel a little warmer inside. Even though I have a strong sense of style that I feel great in, I still get excited when someone mentions they like what I’m wearing. It gives me an extra pep in my step.

Secondly, it gave me hope for humanity in some way. Living in a big city like New York, everyone is so focused on themselves, whether it’s rushing to work, catching a train or just not paying attention to their surroundings, that it felt refreshing to step outside of myself where it was positively received. We can lift each other up more than we think we can. It doesn’t always require volunteer hours or charity events, but merely a kind gesture.

Giving this compliment showed me that if we all just paid a little more attention to each other, took our eyes off our phones, and really looked around, we would all live in a friendlier place. Maybe that’s the optimistic Texan in me where I want everyone to get along and be good friends, and as my boyfriend says that even buying a stick of gum in Texas means a 20 minute conversation, but I sincerely believe that small gestures can really transform into something greater.

So the next time you see someone wearing something you think looks fantastic, speak up and say something. You’ll be sure to brighten someone’s day. Don’t we all need a bit of that anyways?

Kick the Impulse Buys and Have a Wardrobe You Love

30 Jul

We all do it. We see something we like and immediately decide that we NEED to have it. Before you know it you’re swiping a credit card and it’s sitting in your closet, with tags still attached for months on end. Later you realize that you probably didn’t actually need it at all.

Here’s 4 tips on kicking the impulse habits and having a wardrobe you love-

1) When you pick something up, just put it back.

You’ll either a) realize you love it because you’ve walked the perimeter of the store and haven’t stopped thinking about it, (which you can then go back to get it) or b) don’t think about it, realize you didn’t really want it, and save yourself the agony of carrying it through the store and ultimately saving money for something you really love.

2) Does this go with anything you already own?

The cardinal rule with buying new pieces is it must go with 2-3 items already in your closet. If it’s a skirt, you need to have 2-3 tops. If it’s a top, then 2-3 bottoms etc. If it doesn’t fulfill this, you won’t wear it or you’ll be forced to spend more money to buy things to go with it.

3) Use a shopping list

We’re all guilty of going into Target for one thing and walking out with 10. Especially when things are so affordable, it’s hard to say no. But you must! Stick to your list. You need a pair of jeans but not 3 tops on sale to go with them. Resist!

4) Stick to a budget

Give yourself a budget as you shop so you aren’t tempted to splurge on something you don’t need and is more than you want to spend.

Are you guilty of impulse buys? Share your best/worst impulse splurges!

What about Mules and Clogs?

28 Jul

This is not a rhetorical question. Mules and clogs are still living big right now and are seen in virtually every store you can imagine. And what about the elusive clog mule combo? I’ve seen women from all walks of life wearing some version of it. But this used to be a not so attractive clunky trend years ago that still irks me today. This trend really hasn’t gone away yet?

But I have to admit, there are some beautiful versions out there. Take a look at some of my favorites of this comeback trend. Can you get around this year’s mules and clogs?

1f5bcf3727fb570d0509407a808f82b4 image1xxl womens-designer-shoes-20120303202

WELLS-4-TOBACCO 4e4ac_Clogs_Summer_2010_Shoe_Trend nina-z-anna-black-clog-sandal

A Tribute to my Style Icon: My Grandmother

10 Apr


I had a special relationship with my grandmother; Nana is what I called her. One that many peers my age don’t have with their grandparents. We used to see each other several times a week growing up where many of those were me going over to her apartment and just chatting for hours. When I moved to New York, it it turned into at least one if not two or three phone calls a week. If I got busy and it had been too long, I was quick to call to catch up where she would tell me, “I was thinking of you and almost called you.” Feeling smart, i’d always respond, “well I beat you to it!”

We talked about everything, from her childhood, family, my personal life (I often sought her advice), to current events. I soon realized we were practically the same person, just born 55 years apart. The more we became friends, and she was  my best friend, the more I realized where I got my artistic side from and my curiosity for fashion. I have a sarcastic sense of humor from my dad, am strong willed like my mother, but where did my sense of fashion come from?

It wasn’t until I watched home movies of my birthday parties when I was little, did I notice my grandmother wearing heels and an A-line shirt dress with a waist belt to the arcade where my sister and I were eating cake and playing in ball pits. How glamorous was she?! She had the height and build of a model, and could have been one, but chose that lifestyle wasn’t for her and merely shared her beauty with us.

And she was beautiful. In every sense of the word she was. She had a contagious smile, a charming soul and  an uplifting spirit you couldn’t resist. Even in her later years, she still wore slacks and blouses to merely “chill” or “hang out” with the family on a Saturday afternoon. She was glamorous, down to earth and spectacular. I will miss her but will forever be thankful for her. I couldn’t ask for a better style icon.

Trend Alert: Stylish Snow Boots

7 Feb

Wearing cute shoes in the winter is tough when you’re constantly wading through ankle deep slush from every snowstorm. But there are options that are fashionable and practical.

Here are some of my favorites-

The North Face- Bridgeton Wedge Lace Booties


Sorel- Toronto Lace Wedge


LL Bean- Classic Duck Boots


And these are some quick tips on what to look for when shopping for a snow boot-

1) Waterproof

It needs to say they are waterproof in order for them to actually keep out water. Ugg boots are warm but are not meant for wet weather and will be destroyed instantly.

2) Something that will resist the salt

Look for an exterior that looks like it can take a beating. Salt ruins regular leather quickly and easily.

3) Insulation

Look for some sort of insulation or a lining that will keep you warm

Happy Snow days!

Goodbye Daisy Dukes! Hello Fall!

30 Oct

I love Fall! It is my absolute favorite season with the chill in the air, changing of the leaves and drinking a hot beverage without sweating. Another thing that’s great is the changing of fashion. Time to pull out the sweaters, scarves and boots. Thank goodness we get to put away the cutoff shorts.

There are cool ways to do this trend and others that make it trashy. Yes this is a fashion faux pas post in disguise!


With a breezy top and the length of the shorts that passes the fingertip test, makes this a casual classic look.



This denim underwear trend has to stop! And most pants have pockets, so we don’t need them displayed for proof either.


If you are holding onto summer with all your might, this is how you can still pull off your cutoff shorts in cooler temperature. Trade in tank tops for sweaters, sandals for boots and add tights for a look that screams “I love Summer, but it’s cold but still rocking the shorts!”


Any summer trends you are still holding onto as we go into fall?