“Regifted” Fashion

28 Jun
     My name is Jamie and I am a fashion 
enthusiast living in New York. Every day I walk past beautiful store 
windows glorifying high-end retail where I can't help but daydream of 
when I will be able to afford these beautiful pieces to 
happily add to my wardrobe. Alas, I discovered that looking as if I
shopped 5th Avenue didn't mean I had to pay those prices. In fact, 
those prices are unrealistic and slightly obnoxious for most New York 
fashion lovers.

     After this realization, and possibly a stroke of genius,
I started frequenting resale, vintage and consignment, and
discount stores for the best deals on designers I love and for a style
that is truly unique to me. One person's closet castaways is another 
one's found fashion treasure. We regift every birthday, Christmas,
and anniversary. Why not regift our wardrobe? Toss what is unnecessary
in your closet and add what someone else didn't have an eye for to
yours!     I am going to show you where you can find your "regifted" style in
the great fashion world of New York, one that your wallet and closet 
will appreciate.

One Response to ““Regifted” Fashion”

  1. havecoffeewilltravel September 7, 2011 at 2:23 pm #

    Saw this and instantly thought of you:

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