Strip Down for Fall! (your closet that is)

24 Sep

Fall has arrived New York! The time has come to begin transitioning from summer sundresses and sandals to cardigans and boots. With transition comes the perfect time to downsize your closet from all of the random pieces you wore once two years ago, the skirt you swear you’ll sew the hem (that you’ve been promising yourself you’ll do for at least 3 months), and that top you just LOVE to DEATH. Frankly, I’m sure that top looks like death at this point. What I would like to walk you through this week is cleaning out all of your unnecessary pieces taking up space in your closet. The fun part….shopping to fill in the gaps!

Here’s a few guidelines to follow while cleaning out your closet:

Step 1: Separate your entire closet into the following categories:

– A) Clothes you wear all the time

– B) Clothes you wear every now and then (about once every few weeks)

– C) Clothes that haven’t seen the light of day in a while

–  D) Clothes that are damaged (fading, rips, stains, pilling etc)

– E) Donation (you know it doesn’t belong in your closet when you won’t even give it a fair trial)

Step 2: Good job! You’ve gotten off the couch and done something productive already with your closet. Now, let’s go through those stacks…

A) Congrats! You actually like this and wear it. Put it back in your closet.

– B) Think about how often you really wear this. If it’s been a while, Donation. If it’s only been a week or two and it’s a piece you wear sparingly because you don’t want to wear it down or it isn’t something as easily worn as t-shirts and jeans, it is still up for debate. Then, see if this piece goes with 2-3 other pieces in your closet.  (Ex. A multicolored skirt should have at least 2-3 possible tops to pair with it. A dress should have at least a cardigan or jacket option along with 2 footwear options to be paired with it). If not, Donation. If so, congrats you get to put it back in your closet.

– C) Ask yourself. Why don’t I wear it? If it’s a ball gown, or specific event related outfit, this is completely fine. As long as the need for this piece is still relevant, put it back in your closet. If you haven’t worn it since..come to think of probably don’t even remember when you bought it, why you liked it or what for. That’s it, send it to the Donation pile.

– D) If there is something repairable, like a hem or small rip at the SEAM, repair it and put it back. If you know you won’t repair it, it goes in Donation. If it’s something like a hole, extreme fading, or pilling (small fabric balls that form on the surface of clothing), it’s automatically Donation.

– E) Give it away, give it away, give it away now!

Congrats! You’ve stripped your closet to the bare minimums of awesomeness! So you need to hit the shops to fill in the holes for the coming cool weather. This week, I will be using my lovely roommate Maggie and her boyfriend Schuyler to demonstrate how anyone can use resale, vintage, and consignment to shop for fall. Here is a before picture:

Coming next week, the amazing AFTER photos of their awesome fall wardrobe they acquire by way of consignment and resale in NYC…


One Response to “Strip Down for Fall! (your closet that is)”

  1. Carly Miller November 12, 2011 at 5:09 pm #

    Thanks for these great tips Jamie! As someone who has a hard time letting go of old clothing, it’s very valuable to me to have hard-and-fast rules that must be followed when dealing with seasonal wardrobe changes. Or else my mind gets in the way – “Don’t get rid of that shirt, it still fits!” – and I end up holding on to pieces WAY too long. I’d love to see more posts on this topic.

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