Fashion Hunters Episode 1

6 Oct

This was the premiere episode for the brand new series on tv  network BRAVO profiling 4 fashion forward New Yorkers working at a high end consignment shop called  SECOND TIME AROUND. The cameras follow them around profiling how they get goods for the store, how they price the goods and what lengths they will go to to prove a couture piece is truly couture. Oh, and in true spirit of reality television, there’s plenty of drama.

So meet everyone:

Ambria is the Assistant Manager and star of the show. She is in charge of everything that comes in and out of that door. She knows her stuff! If she doesn’t think something is real, she’ll sell it for $50 or won’t sell it at all. She will be fun to watch.

Tara is the manager of the store, who surprisingly isn’t profiled very much in the show. She might be the manager who definitely dresses the part but is not the star of the show. Her best moment was trying on the Navy and Gold Carolina Herrera dress.

Karina is the consummate New Yorker dwelling on the Upper East Side who simply works there for fun. She is well connected to all of the Upper East Side housewives and uses that for shopping through their closets to put high end designers in the store. Oh and she is in love with Wilson.

Wilson is the newest member of the store who is determined to make his mark on the store by reinventing the men’s section. He calls what they have “crap”. There is a little competition between him and Ambria who practically is the deciding factor of what does and doesn’t make it into the store.

Here’s what happened:

What else is can you do with a pilot episode? They introduce everyone and walk you through the store, the cast dynamic and a little extra happens. They have several women bringing in their high end designer goods to be consigned. The most notable piece they received was a peach glimmery ball gown with a Swarovsky crystal jeweled halter that Jennifer Lopez wore to an award show. The woman bought it at an auction and it was authenticated. They will consign it for several thousand dollars. Wow!

Then you have the woman who brought in a dress “made by” Oscar De La Renta but had no label in it. Seriously?! It had no label? This is New York, there has to be a label to prove anything of worth. Ambria brings in the ultimate label guru, Barney’s Creative Ambassador Simon Doonan, in which he proved her incorrect. I believe his argument went something like this; “Did you research to see if it was in a runway show? You couldn’t find it? Well then that’s a bad sign and I can’t authenticate it.” Ouch! It was a slap in the face to the girl who was told that since there was no label in it, they would have to consign it for $50 rather than the thousands it was supposedly worth. Let’s just say she decided to keep the dress after all.

But then there was the closet shopping! I personally love closet shopping. Kari used her connections and brought Ambria to a friend’s apartment to pull pieces from her closet to sell in the store. She had unworn Christian Loubitin’s that she spent $900 on! Who does that? I guess that’s just a drop in the bucket for someone of her status. Although they were gorgeous black satin and with crystal accents, I’m not sure I would have gotten rid of them even if I hadn’t worn them. This woman’s closet was filled with couture, and I do mean couture Chanel, Prada, Gucci etc. Can I just live in her closet? It’s bigger than the size of my room in my Brooklyn apartment with the wall decor much more appealing!

It’s interesting to see how others live, what they wear and what they feel is “old news”. That’s the beauty of the show, one woman’s fashion castoffs are another’s fashion finds of the century. Did anyone watch it? Do you plan to watch more of the season?


2 Responses to “Fashion Hunters Episode 1”

  1. Rhonda Uretzky October 6, 2011 at 11:52 am #

    Closet shopping is the BEST! It can be fun to host a Closet Party – everyone bring their castoffs and trade for everyone else’s. Complete with wine and cheese, of course. I did this at my yoga studio, Riverflow Yoga (, in Lambertvile NJ where people have good clothes, good taste, and good vibes.The leftovers go to a clothing charity. Good thing to do around the holidays when clothing drives are in full swing.

  2. havecoffeewilltravel October 6, 2011 at 6:57 pm #

    A Closet Party?! That sounds amazing. Thanks for the great idea, and great post Jamie!

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