Fashion Hunters Episode 2: THE BIRKIN BAG

13 Oct
Hermes Birkin Purse.

Image via Wikipedia

Birkin Birkin Birkin! If I say it in the mirror three times, it will appear right? Tough luck for me as it hasn’t worked for me all day (bummer). But, if you are lucky enough to be in the elite of upper crust New York City women, you own  a Birkin bag.

A Birkin bag is a handbag that is handcrafted by the fashion luxury goods company Hermes. It was created by the CEO of Hermes in 1981 Jean-Louis Dumas for Jane Birkin. They were on a flight together from Paris to London when he noticed her struggling with her straw bag she placed in the over head compartment complaining how there wasn’t a nice leather weekend bag she could find that she liked. He made a black leather bag for her and instead she used it for herself daily. It has been an icon ever since.

Birkin bags are exclusive by limiting the amount they sell in a year and can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $150,000.  Yeah, for a bag! I thought a bag for $300 was worth a savings account for itself. One of these bags could set you back several cars, a downpayment on a house (or the house itself depending on where you live), a few college educations, or one hell of trip lasting for months around the world. Personally, it is not my favorite design to own. It’s a bag with a structured silhouette, available in different sizes in cm, that is produced in a variety of leathers (some exotic) and colors with the company’s signature saddle stitching.  I appreciate the hand craftsmanship, high end materials and overall quality that make it so exclusive, up to a 6 year waiting list. These bags are so exclusive but wanted badly enough that former Hermes employees are working with counterfeiters to knock them off. And they’re doing a damn good job of it too. These knockoffs won’t be found as easily as you’ll find a Coach on canal street though. A knock off Hermes could set you back up to $1,000.

Well for the women of the Upper East Side, they were invited to do what I love best, closet shop. But they weren’t playing with clothes they bought at Macy’s to share with their friends or even going to a tupperware party. They were invited to a Birkin party to swap each others beloved treasures. Even these bags used cost at least $5000.

What did you think about the Birkin swapping party? Could you see yourself ever spending that kind of money on a bag, even if you had the money to do so? Share your thoughts.


One Response to “Fashion Hunters Episode 2: THE BIRKIN BAG”

  1. Rhonda Uretzky October 15, 2011 at 11:27 am #

    A pink Birkin bag? I could get behind that!

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