Shoes and Orgasms

23 Oct
Christian Louboutin

Image by miamism via Flickr

So it turns out your incredibly sky high heels that kill your feet but make your legs look long, lean and beautiful are related to orgasms. According to Christian Louboutin, the founder of the red soled stiletto phenomenon the arch in the foot that the high heel makes is the position in which your foot makes when you orgasm. Did you realize that? And you thought you were wearing heels to look sexy. Maybe you were wearing them to feel sexy. Let’s face it, as women we exude the most confidence when we feel attractive and sexy. That’s why we continuously put ourselves in torture chamber footwear. Think about this when you throw on another pair of stilettos. Check out this article and share your thoughts.


BY LAURI APPLEOCT 18, 2011 5:59 AM
Painful High-Heels Are Like Orgasms on Your Feet

Women don’t just wear high-heels because we’re suckers who will do anything for a man’s attention, but because high-heels possess orgasmic potential, says would-be red-bottomed sole monopolist Christian Louboutin. Also, women are “happy to wear painful shoes,” because our shoes help us express ourselves. At least one libido-pain shoe expert agrees.

Louboutin tells the Sunday Times that some French academic once informed him during a meeting (or while standing in line for the bathroom at a racist Starbucks?) that “what is sexual in a high heel is the arch of the foot, because it is exactly the position of a woman’s foot when she orgasms.” Therefore, wearing high-heels means “putting yourself in a possibly orgasmic situation.” And you always thought that wearing high-heels meant “putting yourself in a possibly basketball-playing situation”! How wrong you’ve been all this time.

The sensation one feels after twisting an ankle while walking down a brick or cobblestone street is a type of pain-ecstasy, or painstasy. The pinching of one’s toes caused by many high-heels is called pinchstasy. Pain is pleasure, pleasure is pain, stilettos are sex, flats are frigidity. Why aren’t you living the continuous-orgasm lifestyle? Buy some Louboutins today.


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