Fashion Hunters Episode 5: The Hamptons

5 Nov

When fashionable New Yorkers go on vacation, they make the arduous trek out to the Hamptons. The Hamptons is a summer scene where people vacation to see and be seen. Of course they take their designer duds with them.

This week the Second Time Around team head out to the infamous beach town to go through a few wealthy women’s wardrobes to pull exquisite pieces for the store. And who said work was hard?

Some of the most notable pieces were Tom Ford Gucci leather pants, Alberta Ferretti royal blue sequined skirt and a gold gown by Jackie Rogers. For those who don’t know who Jackie Rogers is, she is a former Chanel model turned fashion designer who knew Chanel personally. All of these pieces are exquisite and will all be sold in the store in the upwards of $1,000. I could write pages on how gorgeous each of these pieces are, how rare they are and what I would do to have the chance just to try on any of these. But really, there were other things that peaked my interest in this episode.

The most interesting thing I noticed was the woman who owned her own mobile boutique full of vintage and one of a kind pieces. For New Yorkers who are used to food trucks being parked on almost every corner, this is a twist on a culture that we already know and understand. But wouldn’t it be unreal if it were a vintage boutique parked outside your office or apartment? As we could see by Karina dropping $500 like it was a drop in the bucket on a few pieces of vintage jewelry, it could easily clean out our wallets. Maybe it’s for the best it’s in the Hamptons and not in the city. For all of you fashion entrepreneurs out there, IDEA! Vintage trucks in the city! Trust when I tell you I’d be first in line.

On a side note, I would like to address something about this episode I feel is important. Although the fashion was fabulous this week, as it always is, something more noticeable but far less than fabulous was the single gentleman on the show, Wilson. He may dress “well”, I quote because this is what he thinks, he really has no right to be judging anyone else’s fashion choices. He criticized Tara, who looked fantastic in a scarf, a turquoise and lime green A line skirt, white tank, and a straw fedora, while he was wearing shorts so short and tight in such a bright color it looked like he bought them for his Ken Doll.

This has inspired me to express my feelings about those who think this way. Fashion is completely subjective and can be expressed in millions of different ways. There is no formula as to how to dress. Whether you buy from thrift or from Gucci, you look your best when your dress expresses yourself to the best of its abilities.


One Response to “Fashion Hunters Episode 5: The Hamptons”

  1. havecoffeewilltravel November 6, 2011 at 3:07 am #

    “you look your best when your dress expresses yourself to the best of its abilities.” love that. Its so true. Look good, be happy and you’re set. 🙂 another great post!

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