Village Voice votes BEST Used Clothing Store: BUFFALO EXCHANGE

8 Nov

The Village Voice just released their best of NYC 2011 issue noting everything from best bike shop to the best place to get Ecuadorian food. Buffalo Exchange, my personal favorite resale store, was voted the best used clothing store. Of course it is!

This store is a chain of 15 stores crossing the United States. There is a nice one in Houston I used to frequent when I lived there. With so many men and women running the streets of New York in designer duds they don’t always want to cherish for long, you find several good steals. Lucky for you New Yorkers, there are three locations: East 11th St, West 26th St, and one in Brooklyn on Driggs Ave. Don’t worry though if you do not live in NY but there is a Buffalo Exchange near you, their buying policy has a higher standard than most resale stores and only accept the best of the best. Finding something will never be your issue with this store.

Here’s a few examples  of great pieces I have picked up at Buffalo Exchange. My location of choice is the  on East 11th St.


One Response to “Village Voice votes BEST Used Clothing Store: BUFFALO EXCHANGE”

  1. Rhonda Uretzky November 8, 2011 at 3:25 pm #

    OMG – Jaime not only took me and Zach to Buffalo Exchange, she had already picked out Zach’s new wardrobe by the time we arrived to meet her…and EVERTYHING was perfect for him. Then on the way out I found my new winter coat for just $25…if you can, HIRE JAIME to be your Personal Consignment Shopper – she is fantastic.

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