Fashion Hunters Episode 6: Divas

11 Nov

This week, the cast members and store associates encounter two divas that ruled this episode of Fashion Hunters.

First there was Bentley, a consignor who believed her ready to wear garments were worth the price of a piece that stepped off the runway. She brought in two bright colored printed dresses, one Just Cavalli and the other Catherine Malandrino. For those of you who don’t know these brands, Just Cavalli is a ready to wear collection by Roberto Cavalli and Catherine Malandrino is a bridge designer. Both collections are expensive by every day woman standards but not exactly couture or runway worthy. Therefore, she wanted $200 for her dress that was filthy and certainly not worth it. Now realize that how much the consignor gets is not how much the item will be sold for. Basically she was asking for $200, that would suggest the dress would sell for $400. When they offered her $60, she had to huff and puff around the store like a 3 year old arguing that Karina and Tara were talking about her when they said they did not care for her dress. Come one Bentley! Just because your fake wanna be special made up name matches a wealthy car means nothing. You should have thought of the name Chevrolet because that’s closer to what you really are.

Then there’s Wilson. Again with his “I know more than you” attitude! He does know style, but it is a very specific style. He attempts to redo the men’s section, choosing some great pieces from the model for Calvin Klein‘s wardrobe, River Viiperi. Of the pieces chosen were an Adidas tank and telephone button sweatshirt by Jeremy Scott. Pretty fantastic by artistic standards! Those two pieces retail for oer $1,000! They were great additions along with the cool tees he collected from his designer friend. Tara recognizes his eye for good additions but calls out that he needs to expand into collecting pieces for the every day man. Of course Wilson takes offense to it. Wilson, the banker, musician, every day guy isn’t going to grab a flamboyant graphic print tee with cut off sleeves!

What did you think of this week’s divas? Leave your comments below and watch Fashion Hunters on Bravo every Tuesday night 10:30/9:30 central.


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