When not to listen to sales associates…

12 Nov
Computex Sales Girls Photo Set

Have you ever been stuck shopping by yourself and you rely on what a sales associate has to say? Well don’t listen to everything you hear. This is especially so when shopping at resale or thrift stores where everything is a one of a kind and alternate sizes are non existent. And don’t expect a return policy because there usually isn’t one.

I was at a consignment shop near Houston street recently, and as I am about good press I will not mention the name of the store, and witnessed this very thing. A girl was trying on button down chiffon dress with sheer sleeves that button around the top of the elbows. The fabric around her biceps were tight and the shoulder seams sat closer to her neck rather than at the tip of the shoulder where it is appropriate.

The girl needed an honest opinion, as she was shopping by herself, and asked the sales associate if she felt the shoulders looked too small and the sleeves too tight. The associate, wanting to make a sale, only complimented her and completely lied about how small the sleeves look. “Oh no it looks gorgeous on you,” and “of course it fits you perfectly.” You can tell she was faking it, smile strained, eyes wide with “OH crap she might not buy it” written all over her face kind of look.

I left so irritated I didn’t wait to see if the girl bought the one size too small dress. Here is what I would like for you to take from this.

Trust yourself and what you think about how clothes look on you. Chances are if the sales associate sounds reminiscent of Barbie and is conflicting your gut feeling, this isn’t a purchase that should be made.


One Response to “When not to listen to sales associates…”

  1. Rhonda Uretzky December 22, 2011 at 1:38 pm #

    I always feel that if I have to ask the sales associate, then I don;t really like it and am looking for someone to talk me into it….so I just don;t buy it if I have to ask!

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