Black Friday Bargains!

30 Nov

I hope everyone who ventured into the crowd of swarming crazies looking to save a few extra dollars on stuff they never would have bought before the day after Thanksgiving survived OK. As for me, I was forced to work the holiday by shopping. Yes, this is true. I work for a men’s leather accessories company in New York City and all employees had to go to the retail stores selling our product and survey how our product was selling. I went to Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord and Taylor and Macy’s looking for our wallets, belts and suspenders. Well, while I’m out there forced to dive between people to find our product on the shelves, I did a little shopping for myself.

And what deals there were!!

First off, I bought this simple antiqued brass necklace with a single round gem pendant with an accented one to the right of it. It’s Fossil and I bought it at Macy’s for $9.80. I went to the actual Fossil store later, just to look at bags and other leather accessories, and found the EXACT SAME necklace for $28. Steal! I’ve worn it practically every day since Friday and it goes with EVERYTHING. Don’t you just love versatility?

And for those who don’t know, I went to college in East Texas to study Fashion (it doesn’t make sense I know) and I almost miss the southern culture. American Eagle was having a promotion giving 40% off the entire store. I snagged this rich multicolored plaid shirt for $23. American Eagle is a brand that is highly overpriced for what they sell. Therefore, I paid for the actual value of the shirt with the discount. Now, I can channel my inner Southern hippie in the big apple whenever I feel.

I traded in thrift for full blown retail on Black Friday, and I truly found some deals worth bragging anyhow. Did anyone get to take advantage of the day??

Check out your online stores today for Cyber Monday bargains or next Monday for Green Monday deals.


2 Responses to “Black Friday Bargains!”

  1. Hannah November 30, 2011 at 4:45 am #

    I know I did, and in East Texas no less. I purchased Tommy Hilfiger 6 piece quick-dry towel sets for $16 each, an iconic oversized Barbie and Ken coffee mug for $2.49, two tanks and cable knit sweater from Target for $28, two menswear inspired watches at New York and Co. at buy one get one 75% off, and a Hot Tools Deep Waver for $50 plus a bag of $35 worth of samples and trial-size products courtesy of Ulta. The key to Black Friday Shopping is keeping up momentum by shopping Small Business Saturday and winding down with Cyber Monday. A full-fledged weekend of shopping bliss!

  2. Rhonda Uretzky December 22, 2011 at 1:35 pm #

    Fantastic bargains….I knew I was headed to Florence and Rome so I skipped Black Friday and saved it all up for there. Got the softest EVER leather gloves for 15 Euro (about $18). Little lambskin change purses were 5Euro but I got them 3 for 20 Euro. Found a store closing in Trastevere
    and got a sleek black down coat that isnt puffy, with a shawl collar and fitted waist – just 79 Euro! And got snagged into taking a cheesy tourist photo outside the Colosseum which ended up costing me 10 Euro – not everything is a bargain in Italy!

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