The Style Blogger does Men’s Vintage Fashion

21 Jun

I love menswear. I do! There’s just something so sophisticated, regal, and somewhat consistent that intrigues me to work in in the field as well watch it more closely than womenswear. Tell me, who doesn’t love a man in a tie? The Style Blogger is the ultimate go to in what to wear for mens’ fashion. He’s the epitome of style and class in New York City. One thing I love about him is that he not only gives ideas of what to wear, but he also promotes shopping vintage and second hand.

The most important thing you must have for shopping second hand and vintage is patience. Patience, patience, patience.  The way to find a one of a kind, special, unique piece is to hunt for it. And you have to love the hunt in order to appreciate what you find. He gets it and finds amazing pieces that are classics that he can wear forever. Others are more frivolous that he uses to spice up the classic pieces.

Here’s a few of his best looks from this venture:

Check out all of his special finds here:


One Response to “The Style Blogger does Men’s Vintage Fashion”

  1. Rhonda Uretzky (@HotYogaCoolLife) June 21, 2012 at 1:27 pm #

    You recently did a shopping spree with Gabe, classic Brooklyn guy who needed a style makeover – can you post some pictures? Now Zach is badly in need of your shopping support – save him before he goes to Kohls!

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