A dress and pair of shoes for under $5…Believe it or not!

28 Oct

Every day in New York brings new adventures. It’s my favorite characteristic about the city and there is no city that compares. You begin your day by walking outside of your apartment with a purpose. Maybe you’re on your way to meet a friend for brunch, going to do laundry, heading to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather, or even just to walk around your neighborhood because you feel the need to be outdoors. And there you have it. You run into something completely unplanned, an event perhaps you didn’t know was taking place that changes your original course of action.

One of the best things about living in Brooklyn as opposed to Manhattan is the abundance of stoop sales. I like so many in my neighborhood took advantage of the weather being positively perfect one Saturday morning for a light stroll to enjoy the sun. With a stroke of spontaneity, I decided to head down a residential street I hadn’t traversed before just for the hell of it that unbenounced to me was having a block wide stoop sale. SCORE!

I quickly browsed by each sale with stuff mostly comprised of home goods and junk that the majority wouldn’t pick up for free. Just as I was leaving the block, there was one table left not near the rest of the tables with almost nothing left except for one pair of olive canvas espadrille wedges. The wedge heel is laced with the same olive color that is at the top of the shoe that were brand new. Did I just find the perfect summer shoe? The colors go with anything, which is versatile for this summer with all of the bright colors and pale nudes being on trend for the season. Hoorah! They were my size and a whopping $3. Needless to say I picked them up without much though.

Feeling confident and thrilled by my street find, I continued walking down the main street in front of my apartment, 7th Avenue in Park Slope. Alas, I find a rack of clothes simply marked “FREE”. Of course the curiosity gets the best of me and I have to sift through the few pieces hanging there. It’s mostly what you would expect, a few cast-offs I wouldn’t even burden Goodwill or the Salvation Army with. That is except for one dress. It was a barely worn black crochet  baby doll silhouette dress with short sleeves with the hem hitting just above the knee. AMAZING! It’s my size as well. I slipped it off the hanger and took it home along with my lovely new pair of summer shoes. Miraculously the dress fit and I have plenty of shoes that will go well with the  dress and endless amounts of outfits that go with the shoes.

For those of you who are fortunate to live in areas with garage or stoop sales, take a moment to stop and look. You just never know what you’ll dig up. I have come up with an ingenious formula as to how I was able to snag such a deal that I think can be followed to happen again. See below…

One gorgeous day for walking + always keeping an eye out for great fashion = $3 for fantastic new additions to my closet

Do any of you have any random happenings that have resulted in great fashion?


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