Shopping in a FLASH! Flash sites the new bargain shopping

21 Apr

The way people shop is evolving as fast as technology. The amount of ways you can shop is expanding so quickly that it’s just incredible how creative companies are getting. Think about it, years ago you were most likely to go to the mall and go from store to store. Now there’s second hand stores, online shopping of all sorts and groupons and those alike.

One of the best new ways to shop online is through flash websites. A flash site is a website that has “events” where they will sell a specific collection or brand for a 2-3 days at a discount price. Once this event ends, the goods are no longer available. They run several events at once and begin a new set everyday.

Examples of these, that you may have heard of or shopped off of already, are Rue La La, Haute Look, Gilt, Beyond the Rack and the list just goes on and on…..

The purpose of these sights is to get the customer (you) the best deal possible and to help clear out inventory from the company they purchase it from. If you look hard enough, you will find some great deals.

Now, are you really geting a deal? A great way to check if you are rather than it being overpriced so the sale looks more attractive, is to comparison shop using google search. I know what you’re thinking..Google?? But google has a search tool called SHOPPING. It’s underneath the MORE  top tab.

I found these two pairs of sandals on Rue La La, my favorite flash site, that I fell in love with. They are perfect for the summer! The colors will go with everything and the price seemed great.

I searched in the SHOPPING tab of Google and found them selling for almost $70 full price at Nordstrom. I actually got a steal!!! I saved $60 in a flash!

Tan sandals White Sandals


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