Save $200: The Look For Less!

16 Aug

Do you ever walk into a store and fall in love with something? You think to yourself, “I love it! I would look great in this and I must have it!” Then you casually glance at the price tag and you realize it’s beyond your “I’m in love and will pay anything for this” budget. So maybe you wouldn’t pay anything for it. It’s ok because we all have to draw the line somewhere.

Never fear! Trends and styles are so common these days, there is always a less expensive doppleganger of what you fell in love with out there. So you hunt for the look for less!

I just found my own today! I was in need, and lets be serious, I really wanted them, of a durable pair of booties with a wooden stacked heel that could essentially take a solid beating. Living in New York City ruins shoes in 2.5 seconds and it doesn’t matter how much you paid for them. The more durable the leather and more substantial the sole the better chance I have of actually wearing these past one season.

I spotted these lovelies from Cole Haan and desperately wanted them. Perfect stacked heel for comfort, nubuck leather rough enough to take some wear and tear, and classic so they will be in style for a while. At $278, I was thinking of how I could save all of my pennies for however long I needed to sport these awesome boots that I considered an investment.


But then I walked by Vince Camuto on my way home from work, because really everyone needs to wind down with an impromptu shopping trip, and found this gem on SALE! I paid only $55 for these while they are still being sold online for full price at $129.

What I love about these more than the Cole Haan version is the dark brown gore panels on the side for style and convenience, the cap toe that gives it that detail of sophistication, and a wider stacked wooden heel for even more comfort. The quality is just as great with the same nubuck leather for durability.

No matter how you spin it. I scored!


Always keep your eyes open and never pay more than you are comfortable because you can always find the same look for less!


One Response to “Save $200: The Look For Less!”

  1. Hannah Taylor January 3, 2014 at 8:45 pm #

    Love the details of the Vince Camuto boots better anyways! Good story!

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