Glam up your Flannel for Winter!

12 Dec

It’s difficult to dress well when it’s below freezing and you’re freezing your buns off. How many pieces of clothing can you actually layer before you look like a marshmallow and overheat yourself? I can atest to this as when I shop and go to work in NYC in the winter, it can be awful because you bundle up like you’re trekking to the North Pole and then walk into buildings that blast the heat like they’re trying to melt the polar ice caps. So you end up either freezing outside or sweating off your body weight inside.

One of the best options is a well fitted flannel shirt. Flannel is a warm, soft fabric that gives you the freedom of movement where you don’t feel restricted. Everyone seems to associate flannel with lumberjacks, hipsters and non fashionable America. But there is a way to dress this up so you stay stylish, warm and comfortable. Win win!

My best friend Jessica and I have one flannel shirt that we have as a winter staple in our closet. Below are some great examples of her sporting her flannel with great jewelry and accessories.


What a difference! Adding a waist belt, a statement necklace,  an additional top layer, like a blazer or vest, and pairing with great boots or heels really glam this look up.

Here are three other examples of sophisticated flannel and ways different ways you can wear it :







Flannel up for the winter!


2 Responses to “Glam up your Flannel for Winter!”

  1. Hannah Taylor January 3, 2014 at 8:47 pm #

    So cute! Great style ideas. I would have never thought to pair those peices with flannel!


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