BCBG Runway collection skirt for $1!

5 Jan

The dollar menu at McDonald’s isn’t a dollar anymore. A candy bar is now creeping close to $1.50. A can of soda out of the vending machine has exceeded over a dollar as well. But my new skirt was just $1.

I once wrote a post on how to keep your eyes open because you never know what you’re going to find. In that post, I found a pair of canvas wedges for $3 at a stoop sale. Well I took some of my older clothes I don’t wear anymore to sell them at a nearby resale store. They just so happened to have a $1 sidewalk sale. It was a bargain hunters dream!

To my surprise, they had AMAZING finds including names such as Frye, Yves Saint Laurent and Kenneth Cole! Usually these are filled with leftover crap that shouldn’t have been made in the first place. But I found the gem of all gems.

This is a BCBG Max Azria Runway collection skirt. The outside is wool and the lining silk. It’s fashion forward and extremely well made. I did some research, as I always do with my finds, and the skirt is estimated to  retail close to $250 full price. Amazing!


The best part is the store donated all proceeds to their charity to prevent animal testing.

This was the steal of the century for me and I can’t wait to wear it around!

Did you find any good deals that you’re proud of? Share them here!


One Response to “BCBG Runway collection skirt for $1!”

  1. Hannah Taylor January 22, 2014 at 5:04 pm #

    This may sound cheesy, but when I was a teen I bought my dad a pair of new abercrombie windpants from a resale shop because I thought my dad needed to wear what was “cool.” He actually ended up loving them and wearing them so much they now are faded and have holes everywhere. He loved them because they were fabric lined, not mesh lined. So they were not only comfortable, they were warm! We tried finding more of those pants everywhere for him and they must have been a few years old when they were brought to the resale shop because Abercrombie no longer makes products like that.

    I never thought he would actually wear them! Funny how things work out!

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