Style for the Polar Vortex

7 Jan

“Dress warmly” my mother stressed! As I’m a child from the heat and humid environment of Texas, cold is still a new concept even though I’ve lived in New York City for over 3 years. So she worries. But I think she’ll be proud.

Took these quickly this morning to show how I faced the looming “Polar Vortex”, -15F wind chill, with a bit of style and pizzazz! No judgement on the pics 🙂


Warm Flannel shirt adding a blazer for an extra layer while giving me silhouette a nice hourglass shape.


Every girl needs a chunky silver necklace just to add sparkle!


Pop of color with red boots, layered over heattech tights from Uniqlo underneath my skinny jeans and warm socks. More layers!


And then to actually leave my apartment, a plum down coat, multicolored chunky knit infinity scarf and cream cable knit hat made for people who ski in crazy cold. I added leather gloves lined in cashmere so my digits didn’t freeze too.

I’m extremely warm and looking at the top of my game for this chilly, frigid day in January.

How do you dress for the cold?


One Response to “Style for the Polar Vortex”

  1. Hannah Taylor January 22, 2014 at 5:04 pm #

    I loooooovvvvee your outfit. Style inspiration!

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