5 Shoes Every Man and Woman Needs

9 Apr


1. Flats

– Basic or fun, they are versatile and just plain comfortable



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2. Basic Pumps

– You will always find a need for a heel




3. Boots

– Baby it’s cold outside and bare skin will cause frostbite. Cover those toes in the winter!




4. Comfortable Cute Shoes for walking

– You’re human and you walk. You can’t always drive to where you need to go. Get some comfy shoes that aren’t meant for sports to wear




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5. Fashionable Rain Shoe or Boot

– It rains it pours it soaks your shoes and makes your feet wet. Super uncomfortable. Get something that’s waterproof.


0471901380162_247x329 0448864741347_247x329



1. Boots

– They’re warm in the winter and look like a regular shoe underneath jeans







2. Dress Oxford

– You may not need them now, but there will be a time you will need a dress shoe for something. Get a pair in black or brown. Invest and spend money in them because you could own them forever

46794_BK0001 0403146454230_247x329




3. Casual Oxford

– Good for business casual or dressing a step above a sneaker





4. Cool, comfortable casual sneaks

– For everyday wear


03827666_zi_dark_brown_copper 04060199_zi_camel


5. Good waterproof boot/shoe

– You will need a shoe that is waterproof for the rain, otherwise it will ruin the 2 pairs of nice shoes you own.






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