Faux Pas Friday: Tights as Pants

25 Apr

This is a hot fashion topic for women. But I respectfully stand my ground on this one. Tights are NOT pants!



Looks like you went to sleep, woke up a little foggy to the point where you either didn’t realize the long shirt you grabbed didn’t cover your backside or you just went for something black, thought they were pants..but alas.. they weren’t. We don’t need to see all your business.

olivia-wilde-wears-leggings-as-pants o-LEGGINGS-AS-PANTS-570 tights-as-pants-1


Choose a thicker material. If you like wearing black on the bottom, go for a black skinny pant, jean, or jegging. They all flatter better, cover more, and are ACTUAL PANTS!

free-shipping-hot-women-s-2012-summer-new-arrival-Black-slim-skinny-pants-pencil-pants-trousers B8A52146 BlackSkinnyJeansContrastS6L

Thanks Hannah Taylor for this week’s faux pas suggestion!


One Response to “Faux Pas Friday: Tights as Pants”

  1. Kimmy April 25, 2014 at 11:49 am #

    Really though!!! This is one of my number one pet peeves!

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