Men’s Thrifting: Casual Friday Look for $9

8 Jul

While visiting some of my family in New Jersey, my boyfriend and I ended up going to a $20 fill a bag sale at a consignment store called Greene Street. They have locations in New Jersey, Philadelphia and a new location in New York city. It was the stuff of my thrifting dreams!

It was literally dozens of bins of the most tragic pieces of clothing known to man to dig through to unearth a few good gems. And we did find them! In the bin sale, he found a Banana Republic navy blue striped polo barely worn amongst other great things like a Missoni silk tie and brand new with tags bike jersey (which I have been informed are expensive…physical activity is not a hobby of mine so I had no idea how awesome that was) .

We filled the bag enough that each piece was a mere $1. What?! I know right?!

In the full price section of the store, he scored again grabbing a pair of olive green relaxed fit Rag and Bone chinosfor $8. Perfect for summer, he got this look  for a total of $9.

Nick 2Nick 1


One Response to “Men’s Thrifting: Casual Friday Look for $9”

  1. Hannah Taylor July 30, 2014 at 4:09 pm #

    Awesome story! What a great outfit he found!

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