Pre Winter Steal: Cole Haan Boots 45% Off

30 Jul

I get made fun of all the time for buying boots in July, which I usually do every year. But with athletic calves and the desire to buy boots that aren’t tried on a million times by random strangers, I shop the moment the first round of boots hit the shelves. In July.

What this usually means is discounted boots that didn’t sell last year reappear early or older styles that missed its shipment to department stores last year are finally showing up in the discount stores, again early. This always means a good deal for you and your pick of the litter.

I got these beautiful Cole Haan Suede Boots with a wood stacked heel and Nike Air comfort in the sole. They’re classic and will go perfectly with my dresses and skinny jeans. Cole Haan boots sell anywhere from $350-$550 and DSW was selling these for $210. With my $10 coupon, I got these for $200. To get boots this cheap at Cole Haan, you’d have to wait until after Thanksgiving to have the opportunity to find them on sale and then cross your fingers they’re not in terrible shape and in your size.


Can’t wait to wear these in the fall! Have you begun your pre winter shopping?


One Response to “Pre Winter Steal: Cole Haan Boots 45% Off”

  1. hideorgochic August 2, 2014 at 3:22 am #

    Those are really cute!

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