Faux Pas Friday: Frankenstein Boots

22 Aug

I get the whole chunky shoe concept. It’s cool, casual and funky. But unless you are a child of punk and going out on St. Mark’s Place and shop at Trash and Vaudeville in the East Village, (seriously look it up it’s an insanely cool store: http://www.trashandvaudeville.com), there are other options for you.

Don’t do this!

Makes you look like you have thick ankles, which no one likes.

imgres Punk-Rock-Buckle-Strap-font-b-Chunky-b-font-Heels-Platform-womens-Ankle-font-b-Bootsimages1

Do this!

Slims out the leg with the edgy look desired. Same concept a little refined.

images 11355917337-24229000images


One Response to “Faux Pas Friday: Frankenstein Boots”

  1. ruretzky August 22, 2014 at 2:31 pm #

    I couldnt agree more! I dont know any woman who looks good in these – even the Bride of Frankenstein

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