Make a Statement: Keep Your Wardrobe Simple and Stand Out

7 Oct

It’s important to have a closet full of basics consisting of well-fitting jeans or casual pants, casual solid colored tops, black handbag etc. This way you can mix and match with trendy pieces.

But have some fun with statement pieces to spice up the basics and put your own spin on style. You can do this with accessories, jackets etc. Here’s some of my suggestions

HANDBAGS (My favorite)

8519742_fpx 8489807_fpx 8475746_fpx


8608376_fpx 8033231_fpx 8607317_fpx


8617655_fpx 8546898_fpx 8599471_fpx


 The statement necklace has been in style for a while, but don’t stock up on these too much as statement earrings and bracelets are moving in.8583851_fpx 8575969_fpx 8584318_fpx 8561721_fpx8562533_fpx8586292_fpx

Choose your favorite and stock up in fun variations of it to pair with a classic wardrobe. You’ll never be out of style and will look awesome and uniquely you!


One Response to “Make a Statement: Keep Your Wardrobe Simple and Stand Out”

  1. ruretzky October 8, 2014 at 11:16 am #

    I can see how shoes and jewelry alone would change each of these outfits into something completely unique!

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