A Tribute to my Style Icon: My Grandmother

10 Apr


I had a special relationship with my grandmother; Nana is what I called her. One that many peers my age don’t have with their grandparents. We used to see each other several times a week growing up where many of those were me going over to her apartment and just chatting for hours. When I moved to New York, it it turned into at least one if not two or three phone calls a week. If I got busy and it had been too long, I was quick to call to catch up where she would tell me, “I was thinking of you and almost called you.” Feeling smart, i’d always respond, “well I beat you to it!”

We talked about everything, from her childhood, family, my personal life (I often sought her advice), to current events. I soon realized we were practically the same person, just born 55 years apart. The more we became friends, and she was  my best friend, the more I realized where I got my artistic side from and my curiosity for fashion. I have a sarcastic sense of humor from my dad, am strong willed like my mother, but where did my sense of fashion come from?

It wasn’t until I watched home movies of my birthday parties when I was little, did I notice my grandmother wearing heels and an A-line shirt dress with a waist belt to the arcade where my sister and I were eating cake and playing in ball pits. How glamorous was she?! She had the height and build of a model, and could have been one, but chose that lifestyle wasn’t for her and merely shared her beauty with us.

And she was beautiful. In every sense of the word she was. She had a contagious smile, a charming soul and  an uplifting spirit you couldn’t resist. Even in her later years, she still wore slacks and blouses to merely “chill” or “hang out” with the family on a Saturday afternoon. She was glamorous, down to earth and spectacular. I will miss her but will forever be thankful for her. I couldn’t ask for a better style icon.


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