Kick the Impulse Buys and Have a Wardrobe You Love

30 Jul

We all do it. We see something we like and immediately decide that we NEED to have it. Before you know it you’re swiping a credit card and it’s sitting in your closet, with tags still attached for months on end. Later you realize that you probably didn’t actually need it at all.

Here’s 4 tips on kicking the impulse habits and having a wardrobe you love-

1) When you pick something up, just put it back.

You’ll either a) realize you love it because you’ve walked the perimeter of the store and haven’t stopped thinking about it, (which you can then go back to get it) or b) don’t think about it, realize you didn’t really want it, and save yourself the agony of carrying it through the store and ultimately saving money for something you really love.

2) Does this go with anything you already own?

The cardinal rule with buying new pieces is it must go with 2-3 items already in your closet. If it’s a skirt, you need to have 2-3 tops. If it’s a top, then 2-3 bottoms etc. If it doesn’t fulfill this, you won’t wear it or you’ll be forced to spend more money to buy things to go with it.

3) Use a shopping list

We’re all guilty of going into Target for one thing and walking out with 10. Especially when things are so affordable, it’s hard to say no. But you must! Stick to your list. You need a pair of jeans but not 3 tops on sale to go with them. Resist!

4) Stick to a budget

Give yourself a budget as you shop so you aren’t tempted to splurge on something you don’t need and is more than you want to spend.

Are you guilty of impulse buys? Share your best/worst impulse splurges!


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