Trend Alert: Slip On Sneakers

28 Oct

Finally sneakers that aren’t in the form of a wedge are back in style! They’re comfortable and can be paired with almost anything for a casual chic look.


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Time to pick up some kicks for fall!


Make a Statement: Keep Your Wardrobe Simple and Stand Out

7 Oct

It’s important to have a closet full of basics consisting of well-fitting jeans or casual pants, casual solid colored tops, black handbag etc. This way you can mix and match with trendy pieces.

But have some fun with statement pieces to spice up the basics and put your own spin on style. You can do this with accessories, jackets etc. Here’s some of my suggestions

HANDBAGS (My favorite)

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 The statement necklace has been in style for a while, but don’t stock up on these too much as statement earrings and bracelets are moving in.8583851_fpx 8575969_fpx 8584318_fpx 8561721_fpx8562533_fpx8586292_fpx

Choose your favorite and stock up in fun variations of it to pair with a classic wardrobe. You’ll never be out of style and will look awesome and uniquely you!

Trend Alert: Burgundy

1 Oct

This color is officially the new black and is everywhere! I can’t walk into a store and not see the burgundy, oxblood, Bordeaux, wine variations spanning from accessories to clothing to outerwear.

Take this from the runway to your closet!


Runway-NYFW-F12-Colors-WineColor 2 OxbloodMerlotWine



This is considered a neutral color so spice it up with prints (Leopard is always in style) and color. Trade out black skirts, sweater, blazers and handbags for this luxurious color. It works on all skin tones and keeps away from the dreaded head to toe black this winter.

Dash for the last pair of Sandals!

24 Sep

Buying off season is possibly the best wardrobe strategy you could ever use.

I always buy clothes and shoes at the end of the season to get the best deals since everything is on deep discount, then put them away until next year where I already have a few new pieces to start that season’s wardrobe.

I found these Via Spiga chocolate brown leather strappy wedges on sale at Marshall’s for $18! Via Spiga is a contemporary brand that sells shoes starting at $175-$195 and going up from there. I got these brand new sandals for next to nothing.


shoes 1


And even though fall just arrived, we still have a few fleeting summer moments where I can wear them a few times before they get switched out for boots.

Do you shop off season? Find any good deals?

Stoop Sale Find- Accessorizing for under $5

10 Sep

I love that walking through my neighborhood in Brooklyn can take me anywhere. I stumbled upon this stoop sale where I found this gem of a vintage inspired beaded necklace. Upon closer inspection you can see how crafted it is with the striations in the beads and holding it reveals how heavy it was. When looking at costume jewelry, weight usually equals quality. Got away with it for $3 and it goes perfectly with my chambray pleated top and camel blazer just in time for the beginning of the fall chill!


photo 1





Find anything good at a stoop sale or garage sale lately?




Summer’s Trendiest Flat Found at Beacon’s Closet

27 Aug

I love these flats! I’m sure you’ve seen them in various colors and materials at all different price points and have been wanting these since they broke the market. But who wants to spend a lot of money for a shoe that could be out of style next year. I got lucky and found these for $15 at Beacon’s Closet barely used. They’re selling at DSW now for $40.

A very in style girl made sure to catch my attention to pay me a compliment on these and ask me where I got them. Resale store! I was very flattered. The takeaway, you can stay in style and trendy without blowing your budget.

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Faux Pas Friday: Frankenstein Boots

22 Aug

I get the whole chunky shoe concept. It’s cool, casual and funky. But unless you are a child of punk and going out on St. Mark’s Place and shop at Trash and Vaudeville in the East Village, (seriously look it up it’s an insanely cool store:, there are other options for you.

Don’t do this!

Makes you look like you have thick ankles, which no one likes.

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Do this!

Slims out the leg with the edgy look desired. Same concept a little refined.

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