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Goodbye Daisy Dukes! Hello Fall!

30 Oct

I love Fall! It is my absolute favorite season with the chill in the air, changing of the leaves and drinking a hot beverage without sweating. Another thing that’s great is the changing of fashion. Time to pull out the sweaters, scarves and boots. Thank goodness we get to put away the cutoff shorts.

There are cool ways to do this trend and others that make it trashy. Yes this is a fashion faux pas post in disguise!


With a breezy top and the length of the shorts that passes the fingertip test, makes this a casual classic look.



This denim underwear trend has to stop! And most pants have pockets, so we don’t need them displayed for proof either.


If you are holding onto summer with all your might, this is how you can still pull off your cutoff shorts in cooler temperature. Trade in tank tops for sweaters, sandals for boots and add tights for a look that screams “I love Summer, but it’s cold but still rocking the shorts!”


Any summer trends you are still holding onto as we go into fall?


Faux Pas Friday: High Waisted Denim

18 Jul

I know, I know. This is really trendy right now! But I just can’t get around how unflattering it is for everyone. Even if you’re a size 2!

Don’t do this!

Let’s be honest, it accentuates everything you probably aren’t a fan of on your body and makes your backside look long and awkward shaped.


Do this!

A straight leg jean fits everyone and gives you a nice line that goes straight from your hips to your feet. It’s classic and makes your bum look fantastic!


Faux Pas Friday: Denim on Denim

18 Apr

The Canadian Tuxedo! Great look for the 80s and 90s but so outdated for 2014.

Don’t do this!

url Double-Denim jumping-men-canadian-tuxedo

Do This!

Make one piece in your outfit Denim and pair with a different material.

chambray-denim-shirt-alexa-chung-blake-lively-jennifer-garner-kate-bosworth chambray-denim-shirt-sienna-miller-alexa-chung-kate-bosworth-vanessa-hudgens

Thanks Erica Siri for this week’s faux pas suggestion!

How To Dress Up Your Casual Friday Jeans

16 Jan

Jeans, denim, dungarees, call them what you will, but they are part of everyone’s wardrobe with the average person owning 7 pairs! And I’m sure you count down until Friday when you can wear them to work again. But this is no reason to throw on a t-shirt and sneakers! Take this opportunity to outshine your coworkers by being comfortable but dressed professionally and fashion forward.

Here’s a few tips:

1) Wear jeans without too much fading or whiskers, no holes or tears and that fit well; this includes a length that aren’t too short or too long where you’re stepping on them.

* A skinny jean ends at the ankle or just above the ankle

* A boot cut, straight, and flare  jean ends just above the ground. It’s long enough to cover the back of the shoe but not touch the ground

2) Instead of sneakers, pair with a comfortable ballet flat, sandal, or wedge for a dressier look.

3) As an alternative to t-shirts, a well designed cotton blouse looks more pulled together but keeps you feeling casual. For a step above this, pair with a cardigan or blazer.

4) Add a great pair of earrings or necklace to tie everything together.

Here’s some great examples:

unnamed unnamed-1unnamed-2

You will feel comfortable, casual and look a step above the rest.

What do you wear on casual Friday?