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Trend Alert: Kate Spade Wearable Phrases

31 Aug

Kate Spade is so hot right now! So hot in fact, the brand has expanded into home goods, activewear and even partnering with Magnolia cupcakes. The brand is traditionally known for more ladylike handbags that are structured and well made at a price point that is attainable to the masses.

But they are kicking it up a notch and down-aging by adding fun phrases to handbag, accessories, and home goods. I’m really loving this! It’s a fun way to add some personality to your outfit.

Eat Cake for Breakfast KS


What do you think about this trend?


Make a Statement: Keep Your Wardrobe Simple and Stand Out

7 Oct

It’s important to have a closet full of basics consisting of well-fitting jeans or casual pants, casual solid colored tops, black handbag etc. This way you can mix and match with trendy pieces.

But have some fun with statement pieces to spice up the basics and put your own spin on style. You can do this with accessories, jackets etc. Here’s some of my suggestions

HANDBAGS (My favorite)

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 The statement necklace has been in style for a while, but don’t stock up on these too much as statement earrings and bracelets are moving in.8583851_fpx 8575969_fpx 8584318_fpx 8561721_fpx8562533_fpx8586292_fpx

Choose your favorite and stock up in fun variations of it to pair with a classic wardrobe. You’ll never be out of style and will look awesome and uniquely you!

$50 For The Perfect Spring Leather Bag

12 Mar

So much for the supposed winter weather that was scheduled to come some time between the months of December and February. The entire single day of snow that happened a month ago that hardly dusted the city of New York was uneventful. The weather has turned, its 60 degrees and gorgeous outside, so onto Spring! Put away the suede and metallic bags for all of those great “winter” season holidays and grab something new.

On my return from Israel, I hit up my usual stomping ground of Buffalo Exchange to see what was new as I hadn’t been there in a while. At the time of this purchase, I was a girl who had just gotten paid and just had a birthday and had  a few extra dollars that was burning a hole in my pocket. Obviously, I found something I felt that needed to be mine immediately. Low and behold I came across a chocolate brown, gold studded with drawstring fringe shoulder hobo bag. It is made of natural leather by BULGA that sell brand new in SAKS FIFTH AVENUE for $350-$500. I paid a  mere $50. That’s saying that if I had found this bag brand new on the clearance section for at the highest discount of 75% off, which is highly unlikely, it would still cost me a minimum of $88.It is in great condition with a fun floral cotton lining that is in amazing condition with none of the usual pen marks or random stains you would typically find in the lining of a bag that had been used. Check it out.

One thing I don’t believe in is matching your bag to your outfit. I wear what I do because I like it and it’s just too complicated to switch out bags every day. That’s how you lose things, including your sanity. However, if you enjoy going through this where the end result is you step out of your apartment looking excellent and flawless from head to toe, here are a few suggestions to obtain the perfect hobo chic look that would go amazingly with this bag.