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Goodbye Daisy Dukes! Hello Fall!

30 Oct

I love Fall! It is my absolute favorite season with the chill in the air, changing of the leaves and drinking a hot beverage without sweating. Another thing that’s great is the changing of fashion. Time to pull out the sweaters, scarves and boots. Thank goodness we get to put away the cutoff shorts.

There are cool ways to do this trend and others that make it trashy. Yes this is a fashion faux pas post in disguise!


With a breezy top and the length of the shorts that passes the fingertip test, makes this a casual classic look.



This denim underwear trend has to stop! And most pants have pockets, so we don’t need them displayed for proof either.


If you are holding onto summer with all your might, this is how you can still pull off your cutoff shorts in cooler temperature. Trade in tank tops for sweaters, sandals for boots and add tights for a look that screams “I love Summer, but it’s cold but still rocking the shorts!”


Any summer trends you are still holding onto as we go into fall?


Trend Alert: Burgundy

1 Oct

This color is officially the new black and is everywhere! I can’t walk into a store and not see the burgundy, oxblood, Bordeaux, wine variations spanning from accessories to clothing to outerwear.

Take this from the runway to your closet!


Runway-NYFW-F12-Colors-WineColor 2 OxbloodMerlotWine



This is considered a neutral color so spice it up with prints (Leopard is always in style) and color. Trade out black skirts, sweater, blazers and handbags for this luxurious color. It works on all skin tones and keeps away from the dreaded head to toe black this winter.

Dash for the last pair of Sandals!

24 Sep

Buying off season is possibly the best wardrobe strategy you could ever use.

I always buy clothes and shoes at the end of the season to get the best deals since everything is on deep discount, then put them away until next year where I already have a few new pieces to start that season’s wardrobe.

I found these Via Spiga chocolate brown leather strappy wedges on sale at Marshall’s for $18! Via Spiga is a contemporary brand that sells shoes starting at $175-$195 and going up from there. I got these brand new sandals for next to nothing.


shoes 1


And even though fall just arrived, we still have a few fleeting summer moments where I can wear them a few times before they get switched out for boots.

Do you shop off season? Find any good deals?

Glam up your Flannel for Winter!

12 Dec

It’s difficult to dress well when it’s below freezing and you’re freezing your buns off. How many pieces of clothing can you actually layer before you look like a marshmallow and overheat yourself? I can atest to this as when I shop and go to work in NYC in the winter, it can be awful because you bundle up like you’re trekking to the North Pole and then walk into buildings that blast the heat like they’re trying to melt the polar ice caps. So you end up either freezing outside or sweating off your body weight inside.

One of the best options is a well fitted flannel shirt. Flannel is a warm, soft fabric that gives you the freedom of movement where you don’t feel restricted. Everyone seems to associate flannel with lumberjacks, hipsters and non fashionable America. But there is a way to dress this up so you stay stylish, warm and comfortable. Win win!

My best friend Jessica and I have one flannel shirt that we have as a winter staple in our closet. Below are some great examples of her sporting her flannel with great jewelry and accessories.


What a difference! Adding a waist belt, a statement necklace,  an additional top layer, like a blazer or vest, and pairing with great boots or heels really glam this look up.

Here are three other examples of sophisticated flannel and ways different ways you can wear it :







Flannel up for the winter!