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What about Mules and Clogs?

28 Jul

This is not a rhetorical question. Mules and clogs are still living big right now and are seen in virtually every store you can imagine. And what about the elusive clog mule combo? I’ve seen women from all walks of life wearing some version of it. But this used to be a not so attractive clunky trend years ago that still irks me today. This trend really hasn’t gone away yet?

But I have to admit, there are some beautiful versions out there. Take a look at some of my favorites of this comeback trend. Can you get around this year’s mules and clogs?

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WELLS-4-TOBACCO 4e4ac_Clogs_Summer_2010_Shoe_Trend nina-z-anna-black-clog-sandal


Trend Alert: Slip On Sneakers

28 Oct

Finally sneakers that aren’t in the form of a wedge are back in style! They’re comfortable and can be paired with almost anything for a casual chic look.


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Time to pick up some kicks for fall!

Trend Alert: Burgundy

1 Oct

This color is officially the new black and is everywhere! I can’t walk into a store and not see the burgundy, oxblood, Bordeaux, wine variations spanning from accessories to clothing to outerwear.

Take this from the runway to your closet!


Runway-NYFW-F12-Colors-WineColor 2 OxbloodMerlotWine



This is considered a neutral color so spice it up with prints (Leopard is always in style) and color. Trade out black skirts, sweater, blazers and handbags for this luxurious color. It works on all skin tones and keeps away from the dreaded head to toe black this winter.

Faux Pas Friday: High Waisted Denim

18 Jul

I know, I know. This is really trendy right now! But I just can’t get around how unflattering it is for everyone. Even if you’re a size 2!

Don’t do this!

Let’s be honest, it accentuates everything you probably aren’t a fan of on your body and makes your backside look long and awkward shaped.


Do this!

A straight leg jean fits everyone and gives you a nice line that goes straight from your hips to your feet. It’s classic and makes your bum look fantastic!